1. Terms and conditions: These terms and conditions reflect the custom and practice of independent schools for many generations and together with the letter of offer, the Conditions of Award if applicable, the confirmation form and fees list they form the basis of a legally binding contract between the Parents and the School for the provision of educational services. These terms and conditions are intended to promote the education and welfare of pupils and the stability, forward-planning, proper resourcing and development of F M Kashelani English Medium School, Shegaon. 

2. Variations: these terms and conditions, the Conditions of Award (if applicable) and the fees list are subject to change from time to time to reflect changes in the law or in custom and practice at the School. 

3. Fees & Notice: The rules concerning Fees and Notice are of particular importance and are set out. 

4. Managing change:  F M Kashelani English Medium School, Shegaon, as any other school, is likely to undergo a number of changes during the time your child is a pupil here. Please see further details of the changes that may be made and the consultation and notice procedures that will apply.